Balancing Your Body and Mind through Qi Energy Work for a stress free life

Reiki is a soft, gentle technique that puts the client into a deep relaxation state. The practitioner placed the hands, slightly on the body or above, on specific meridian points of the body. The hand positions are not intrusive for the client. A warmth sensation comes out of the hands and stimulates the meridian points, releasing blockages that might be between these points, adjusting and balancing the flow of energy, the body, the mind and at the spiritual level. This energy flows in any living beings. So, Reiki can help you as well as any animal.

It is recommended, but not obliged, to have three sets of seven Reiki sessions. The first set helps to prepare the body and get used with the energy work. The second set goes through the healing process requested by the client. Life brings us traumas that build up in our body through the years. The Reiki sessions helps to heal the body and mind. The third set maintains the balance of the body and mind and the spiritual level. The results can vary depending on the client health condition and some might need more sessions or less compared with the recommended number of sessions.