Learning Reiki, a Journey in a Life!

My Reiki journey started in 2003 when Chrystalla Chew from the Amethyst Reiki Centre approached me and introduced me to Reiki. Right away, I knew it was a modality, a technique, a philosophy that would be part of my life. After having experienced the Reiki energy at one of the clinic owned by the Amethyst Reiki Centre, I felt the impact of the Reiki energy in my body. A Reiki session brought me into a deep relaxation that balanced the flow of energy in my entire body. After two weeks, I decided to take to next class available taught by John and Chrystalla Chew.

The level 1 taught during a weekend was very intensive and an amazing experience. I became my first client and started to practice the hand positions on me on the first day of the training. I was eager to practice more and more and help people to balance their body and mind and transform their life.
I practiced every Wednesday at the Amethyst clinic, a great place to practice what I had learned. Moreover, I needed a minimum of 60 hours of practice to be able to learn level 2. Also, the more we practice, the more we become familiar with the energy work through a variety of situations and health conditions. I am now very grateful that I could practice and experience right after my training.

In 2004, I learned level 2 and the Master level which was an 18 months training, learning more in-depth the energy work and working more in-depth on me. Since then, I have never had a week that I didn’t practice Reiki level 1 and 2. Reiki is part of my life seeking for my wellbeing and other’s well-being. I also encourage everyone to include Reiki in their life whatever they decide to use for them only or want to transform people’s life.