Learning Reiki, a Journey in a Life!

My Reiki journey started in 2003 when Chrystalla Chew from the Amethyst Reiki Centre approached me and introduced me to Reiki. Right away, I knew it was a modality, a technique, a philosophy that would be part of my life. After having experienced the Reiki energy at one of the clinic owned by the Amethyst Reiki Centre, I felt the impact of the Reiki energy in my body. A Reiki session brought me into a deep relaxation that balanced the flow of energy in my entire body. After two weeks, I decided to take to next class available taught by John and Chrystalla Chew. Read More

Telomeres, Telomerase and the Youthful Aging Process

Many researchers have been focused their work to find ways to live better with a better health, and increase the life expectancy.  Some scientists have been studying for decades on the aging process, and on how to improve it.  An important article in the August issue of Popular Science magazine caught my attention regarding new findings done by the scientist Dr. William H. Andrews, on Telomeres and Telomerases.  He has been interviewed as well on November 7th by Adoley Odunton on the same topic. Read More